The is easy-to-use identification guide to the whales, dolphins and seals found in Southern African waters and the Southern Ocean is compact yet comprehensive. Close to 50 species occur in the region: from the demonstrative Humpback Whale and Dusky Dolphin to the striking Leopard Seal and massive Blue Whale. This book:
  • Covers key identification features, behaviour, diet and distribution
  • Includes best times and places to view more commonly seen species
  • Explains breaching, spyhopping, lob-tailing, bow-surfing, logging and other common behaviours
  • Features detailed illustrations of diagnostic characteristics
  • Includes the diving outlines, breathing ‘blow’ and tail shapes of common whales
  • Unpacks marine mammals’ evolutionary background and remarkable adaptations to aquatic life.
An easy-to-use, beautifully illustrated guide to all the whale, dolphin and seal species in the region.
Format: Paperback
Published: November 2021