The brightly coloured Birdy BibTM collar cover makes your cat highly visible to birds.

Just thread your own cats ‘clip’ collar through!

Durable, colourful, washable fabric.  No two are the same and colours will be different to the advertised pictures.

Cats rely on stealth and camouflage to stalk their prey. If one were to make your cat more visible to birds, then birds would be able to spot their hunter long before they get into pouncing range. Enter the Birdy BibTM .

Birdy BibTM is a brightly coloured fabric collar that slides over your cat’s existing collar.

A 2013 US study estimated that a staggering 1.3 – 4 billion birds were killed by cats annually!  A highly emotive issue that unsheathes the claws of many a cat lover, and releases a tsunami of anger from bird lovers.

A South African made product is about to calm the turbid waters regarding bird kills in South Africa.

Your killer kitty is now highly visible to all birds.

The Birdy BibTM cat collar is a South African Product made by South Africans.