Artist: Daleen Roodt

Cape rockjumpers — The outcry. 2021. Limited edition of 20 high quality, certified prints. 345 x 265mm. Certified, signed and printed on Hahnemühle Museum Etching 350gsm. Cost R1400, of which 15% donated to BirdLife South Africa conservation. 
Daleen Roodt is a botanical artist and scientific illustrator residing in Hillcrest, Kwazulu-Natal. Her detailed watercolour illustrations speak of her passion for art and a love of indigenous orchids, bird species, and other flora of South Africa. Your purchase of this Bird of the Year 2021 illustration is an investment that will not only support the artist, but also directly contribute to the conservation efforts of threatened species.

Cape Rockjumpers: (Chaetops frenatus): The Outcry

I first got acquainted with the Cape Rockjumpers when they were announced by BirdLife South Africa as Bird of the Year 2021. Even though I’ve always been fond of birds, and even painted a number of species, my recent spark of enthusiasm in birding was still in its infancy, and the Rockjumper was a welcome introduction. When I became aware of these beautiful rufous little bounces of energy, I was immediately captured not only by their reddish-brown beauty, but also by their lively character. There is a certain curiosity and determination shining through their eyes. The striking colouration of their luscious plumage got me tingling to pick up my brush.

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