Authors: Nico de Bruyn & Chris Oosthuizen

Pain forms the character is a beautifully and lovingly produced book that gives a thorough portrait of Marion Island and the people who went there under Doc Bester’s guidance to understand seals and to eliminate cats. It is a valuable record of the material and social life of a subantarctic community.

A substantial book about life on Marion Island! This book documents anecdotes from the earliest researchers, past cat hunters to modern sealers who are currently gathering data and monitoring animals at Marion Island. If you’ve been there, this book will bring back memories and if you haven’t been there, this book will make you want to go to Marion! Beautiful photo’s and interesting anecdotes weaved into the factual background of the broader Southern Ocean islands, show that the spirit of adventure and exploration still lives now in the name of science!

Numbered first edition available here.


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First print collector's edition (uniquely numbered, First print standard edition (not numbered)


First print standard edition (not numbered), First print collector's edition (uniquely numbered)