VELD Birds of Southern Africa: The complete photographic guide (English Edition)

A signed edition of the most comprehensive and up-to-date photographic guide to Southern African birds. VELD: Birds of Southern Africa: The complete photographic guide is a unique combination of a book and an app. In concise text, the authors – each an expert in the field – discuss all 991 species of birds recorded in Southern Africa, with special emphasis on identification. Roughly 2 000 colour photographs illustrate differences in plumage, sex and age, with distribution maps indicating each bird’s migration status and abundance.

The app contains bird calls as well as an additional 2 000 photographs, providing birders with an exciting audio-visual experience.

This book is an essential companion for every birder in this region.

ISBN: 978-1-92836-312-5

Authors: Burger Cillié, Phil Penlington, Trevor Hardaker, Karin Wiesler


Afrikaans, English

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