Reaching a new milestone in your birding journey is an achievement worth commemorating.

Become a member of the South Africa Listers’ Club and buy your milestone pin badges as you progress!

As you collect each badge, you will accumulate all the colours of the South African flag. You can display this proudly South African collection on your favourite birding hat, your binocular harness, book bag, backpack, etc. to show your passion for South African birds and birding.

How to join the South Africa Listers’ Club

We welcome all birders – whether South African or foreign – to embrace the challenge of birding in South Africa, and we call upon you to submit your own South African Bird List total on BirdLife South Africa’s Listers’ page HERE

The minimum number of species to be seen before you can be included on the list is 300.

Please only use the BirdLife South Africa accredited checklist. Download here.

Please note: birds both seen AND heard are eligible for your list.

SA Listers' Club Badges

Yellow 300, Green 400, Blue 500, Red 600, Black 700