The definitive guide to Southern Africa’s Shorebirds. Written and illustrated by Faansie Peacock.

Waders, or shorebirds, represent only a small percentage of the world’s birds, but are unparalleled in popularity among birders. Why? Identifying these seemingly anonymous grey birds, through a combination of shape, plumage and behaviour, is one of the most rewarding challenges in birding—and the possibility of finding a rarity is an ever-present drawcard.

Despite their delicate appearance, waders thrive in some of the most inhospitable environments on the planet thanks to remarkable structural and behavioural adaptations, dynamic life cycles and dramatic global migrations.

  • Over 600 stunning paintings of 80 species of waders, at every age and in every plumage
  • Vignette illustrations of the bird in its typical habitat and as it really looks in the field
  • Modern, neat, logical and intuitive layout for easy comparison
  • In-flight illustrations, from above and below
  • Fascinating insights into wader biology, ecology, classification and names
  • Site guides to Southern Africa’s top wader-watching hotspots