From Wordsmiths Nature:

Checklist of Garden Birds of Southern Africa lists almost two hundred birds that are commonly attracted to South African gardens. It is arranged alphabetically by genus, from Apalis to Wryneck, with notes that identify endemic and near-endemic species. It provides the common English name, the common Afrikaans name and the Latin binomial for every species, as well as Roberts numbers, the bird’s size and its preferred food – the latter two categories being particularly helpful for identification. In addition to our popular cross-reference table which helps locate birds with ‘new’ names (such as Greenbul / Bulbul), and helps find birds with familiar common names (such as the Red-chested Cuckoo, much better known as Piet-my-vrou), Garden Birds provides an Afrikaans/English list of all species to facilitate a location search for birds that we know by names such as ‘mossie’, ‘kakelaar’ and ‘kiewiet’.

Orders of ten or more checklists will qualify for free courier delivery.